Prosciutto stand + marble base

Prosciutto stand + marble base


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Stainless steel prosciutto stands are made of high quality stainless steel 18/10,
Stainless steel that passes all standards of gastronomic quality.
On a marble bench measuring 55x25x3 cm – weight of the stand 13 kg …

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Made of two pieces - a fixed part connected to the base with supporting legs on the front and rear side, and a mobile part which is connected to the rear end and contains a separate supporting leg.

The product uses turned thread system, which makes it super easy to use.
Stainless steel element also comes with wooden handles and two skewers on each side.

You can choose between the wooden and the marble base:
The marble base is rectangle shaped (250x550mm) with a 30mm thick marble and rubber legs for better stability on various surfaces.
Different colors and types of marble/stone. The base is usually cover with white or red-brownish pattern - such as in the photos above!

Prosciutto stand on a marble stand

Dimensions: 250x550
Stone thickness: 30mm
Package dimensions: 270x660x200mm
Weight: 13kg

Weight 13.0000 kg