Ignition wool – 5kg

Ignition wool – 5kg


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The incinerator – a wooden puppet serves for easy and easy coal burning in the grill without any additional firing. For 20 minutes, the heat is transferred to all charcoal or 30 minutes to the briquette.

The material of the hoblot was dipped in wax. It does not produce unpleasant smells.

Packaging in a box of 5 kg – approximately 360 pieces in packaging

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Ignition wool is used to easily ignite the coal in the grill, without the need for additional kindling. It takes 20 minutes to transfer all the heat to the ignition coal or 30 minutes for the heat to transfer to ignition briquettes.
Material: wood shavings dipped into vax. Does not produce unpleasant odors.
Packed in a 5kg box - approx. 360 pieces per package.
It takes 2-3 of them to ignite the fire. Ideal to use in fireplaces. Burns long enough to ignite bigger amounts of ignition coal.