About us

TEHNOVAR is a company specialized in metal-made products.
Owner: Petar Fresl
Headquaters: Rude 112, 10420 Samobor

We are specialized in product and services that use metal and stainless steel. Our priority are spit rods. With us, you can find absolutely anything you might need for grilling and roasting. We have 3 different spit drives, roasting sets, spit rods, battery powered rods, rotisseries, and much more!

We also offer various grilling and roasting equipment and accessories, all kinds of custom-made grills, traditional Croatian rotisseries such as peka, kotlovina and copper kettles, fat trapping trays, and even cleaning supplies!

We also make unique stainless steel barrels that vary from 5 to 40 liters in capacity, and we make them in many shapes and colors.

We also offer welding, polishing, turning, egraving, constructing, and other similar services.

The company currently employs two people (plus the owner of the company).

We work closely with a company from Ruda called Fresl which specializes in making spirit kettles, cooking kettles, pekas, kotlovinas and much more.

Since February 1, 2015, we moved to a new location in Rudina on number 112.

Our complete sales and production cover 110m2  of production area, 25m2 of storage and 30m2 selling area. Visit us and see our products in person or order something right on the spot.

We accept cards. Your payment can be made with the American Express card with up to 6 installments. In addition to postponing payment, you can pay all the items with other Visa, Master Card or Maestro cards, and other than card payment, we also offe standard cash payment methods!

Petar Fresl