Rotisserie with 10 spit rods – model 2025

Rotisserie with 10 spit rods – model 2025


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10 roast barbecues, 10 motors, 6 rabbits for lambs, 6 roes for 5 chicks. Glass front door, molded firebox …


ROTISSERIE WITH 10 skewers - MODEL 2025

Iron construction with double insulation
Front double doors with glass
Rear double door with iron filling
Side door used for igniting the fire
2 drive boxes with 5 motors
6 spit rods with a set of piglet roasting forks
6 spit rods with forks made for 5 chickens per rod
2 INOX trays 140x33x4 cm with handles
Internal space - spit length = 145 cm
A light inside the rotisserie
1 meter long foldable chimney

The price of the rotisserie is 17.200 kn + VAT

Additional options at customer's request as agreed.
Weight: approx. 320kg

Weight 320 kg

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