INOX rotisserie with 1 spit rod – model 2005

INOX rotisserie with 1 spit rod – model 2005


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INOX oven with 1 grill, glass door, cooktop, light …


Inox rotisserie with one spit rod  - MODEL 2005.
INOX structure with two glass pane doors.
Additional side door for easier ignition.
Mounted on 4 wheels
A light inside the rotisserie
Fat tray made of stainless steel 140x33x4 cm with handles

Dimensions of the case (LxWxH): 150x95x220cm

Planetary gear motor with RPM regulation that can be powered using either electricity or accumulator.

1 spit rod with a set of mounting brackets.

12-month warranty

The price of the rotisserie is 19.000 kn + VAT

Additional options at customer's request:

  • Chicken spit rods
  • Rotisserie grilling grate
  • Shipping to address

Most of the other parts are visible in the pictures!
Package weight = approx. 250 kg

Weight 100.0000 kg

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